Dirty Laundry Never Looked So Good

You may have noticed that the New Year has inspired in us a whole lot of starting fresh and cleaning slate. The time is right for ridding our lives of the old and irrelevant, and making room for only the essentials.

So it’s as good a time as any to talk about a not so stylish and slightly sensitive subject – your dirty laundry. I’m referring to your clothes and a place to put them prior to washing.

If last year’s hamper or laundry basket is Rubber Maid or something similar, please listen up. There are alternatives – stylish containers for soiled garments that don’t need to be hidden away in the closet or under the bed.

Here are some of the hippest hampers we could round up. Choose wisely.

1. Top image: Woven West African Basket – VivaTerra, $198.

Clockwise from top left:

2. Whitney Wicker Triple Bin Hamper – Urban Clotheslines, $85.

3. Ruffle Laundry Bag – Urban Outfitters, $36.

4. Wire Round Basket – My Sparrow, $36.

5. Crunch Drawstring Round Hamper – Umbra, $25.

6. Image above: dwellstudio Owl Sky Large Storage Bin – fawn & forest $80.

Clockwise from top left:

7. Ferm Living Laundry Bag – 2Modern, $80.

8. Crunch Can Natural – Umbra, $20.

9. Bag Caddie – Steele Canvas Basket Corporation, $70.

10. Square Carry Basket – Steele Canvas Basket Corporation, $65.

Above from left:

11. Sedona Hamper w/ Liner – Crate&Barrel, $99.95.

12. Bamboo Hamper w/ Liner – Crate&Barrel, $99.95