DIY: Adorable Homemade Dyed Hair Ties

Colorful elastic hair ties are so awesome. They stay put and are cute and soft on your wrist when not in your hair. But they are expensive and always seem to get lost.  

But with a little planning, you can make your own hair ties for approximately $1.50 for 4. Such a savings and you can pick your favorite colors too.

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Gloves for working with the dye. It does stain your fingers. Available at craft or hardware stores.
  2. Liquid dye – available at grocery and hardware stores.
  3. Squeeze bottles – find them at craft stores or use an old mustard bottle or dish soap bottle.
  4. Fold over elastic. Available online here for a great price. I could not find it in my local fabric store since it is used for lingerie. Be sure to order plenty, you’re going to love these.

White works best for dying but you can try other colors. I experimented with some mint green and neon green.

Step 1.  Place the elastic in a plastic bag and squirt on some undiluted dye directly onto the elastic.

I tried using rubber bands at first, but decided it was easier and had a nice “watercolor” look without. If you prefer more of a traditional tie die look, wrap your elastic randomly with rubber bands before you squirt on the die. You can squirt on more colors if you want. Just remember it can turn muddy if you add too many.

Step 2. Let is sit wrapped in the plastic bag. The longer you wait, the stronger the color. You can let is sit overnight or just an hour.

Step 3. Rinse them out until the water runs clear and hang to dry. This is an example of using no rubber bands for a “watercolor” look.

These were made with rubber bands wrapped around the elastic before dying.

Step 4. Cut the elastic in approximately 9” lengths at an angle and tie a knot. If you prefer, use a liquid fray block on the edges for preventing fraying over time. I skipped this step.

So easy and worth the effort. Tie a few together with a ribbon for a little gift. They are functional, adorable and affordable. Keep them by your desk, in your car or in your gym bag. You just cant have enough.

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