DIY Beauty Recipe: Honey Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe


If you are particularly prone to flaky, dry lips, the following honey sugar lip scrub will be your latest and favorite homemade, all-natural skincare product.

The season is changing and when that happens, it is the optimal time to cleanse, renew and put a fresher face forward. Your skin is no exception. Lips are abused on a daily basis with the likes of cosmetics, salty or sugar foods and beverages and coming in contact with other people’s cheeks and lips. It’s no wonder they wear and tear every so often. Good thing all you need is three ingredients to turn lips from shabby to fabulous in this homemade lip scrub recipe.

Choose a raw, on-the-thinner-side honey in order to benefit from its natural antibacterial, antiviral and antibiotic properties as well as its high enzymatic activity. The sugar is a light exfoliant, helping to scrub away any dry skin. The water helps to thin out the scrub and make it a bit easier to apply. I dare you to try not to lick your lips during the process of application! When all is said and done, your lips will be soft, glowing and beautiful in all its pinkish red glory.

Honey Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

Makes 1 treatment



In a small bowl, mix together the honey and brown sugar to make a thick paste. Run your tooth brush under warm water. Shake to release excess drops and push the toothbrush bristles against the paste. Scrub your lips with the paste, using the toothbrush, making sure to get every corner. Let sit for 3 minutes before rinsing.

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