DIY Hair: How to Trim Your Own Bangs from Blunt Cuts to Side-Swept Fringes (Videos)

How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Trimming your own bangs and even your dead ends is easier than you might think.

Stylists tend to recoil in horror when clients admit to snipping their own hair at home. But while it may not be the greatest idea to give yourself a drastic new cut, a bit of a trim here and there is quick, easy and totally indistinguishable from a pro job once you know what you’re doing. Here’s how to trim your own bangs, from blunt cuts to side-swept fringe.

How to Trim Straight-Across Bangs

It may seem like getting blunt bangs trimmed perfectly straight would be impossible to do on your own, but there are a few tricks to it. First of all, don’t cut your hair while it’s wet; it tends to shrink after drying, so you can trim more than you bargained for.

Blow dry bangs (straight, if necessary), and then comb them into place. With a pair of small, very sharp scissors (cuticle scissors work well), cut vertically into the ends of the hair starting from the middle and moving out to the sides. Use the comb to maintain a straight line. Brush your bangs into place with your fingers to style them, and trim any additional pieces as needed if they’re not even.

How to Trim Side-Swept Bangs

Trimming side-swept bangs requires just a slightly different technique, still starting with dry hair and cutting vertically into the ends. Pull one-inch sections of hair out away from your face on the opposite side from where they will fall. Avoid trimming more than half an inch at a time.

How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Do you dare to cut your own bags, without the aid of a stylist? This is definitely going a bit further than a trim, and it’s a bit risky, but if you want to try, the technique above makes it pretty simple. The twist-cut trick results in bangs that are slightly longer on either side.

How to Trim Your Own Hair

This video from Cosmopolitan explains how to trim dead ends without taking a trip to the salon.

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