Do You Need a Post-Vacation Detox Diet Plan? How to Say Bon Voyage to Vacation Weight!

Great After Vacation Detox Ideas

A post-vacation detox diet plan is the perfect way to lose vacation weight, increase energy, and snap your body back into balance.

This summer I ate my way through Europe. I’m talking Spaghetti alla Carbonara. French pastries. German bread. Swiss cheese. I hardly walked past a bakery or pizzeria without popping in for a quick 300-calorie nibble. I saw it. I wanted it. And I ate it. No guilt or regrets. Everything tasted so good.

But now I’m back and my jeans are tighter. I certainly packed on a few pounds while blissfully stuffing my face in Italy. I thought that when I got home the pounds would magically fly off. And I’d somehow just pop back into my pre-vacation shape. But I still craved sugar and tasty carbs. My vacation mentality was still guiding my eating habits. But I’m not walking five miles a day like I did in Europe. I’m sitting eight hours a day at a desk.

It wasn’t just the weight that bothered me. I felt sluggish. My tummy was funny. And I started to get grouchy. My whole body was just off. I needed something and it wasn’t another croissant. More like a health kick in the pants.

I needed a post vacation detox diet plan.

Every detox takes focus and commitment. Although there’s no magic formula, I found the results I was looking for from a combination of (mostly organic) short term cleanses, teas, and supplements.

Here’s what worked:

Two Short-Term Cleanses

Juices for your After-vacation Detox

To lighten up and shed a few pounds, I tried the Project Juice Weekend Recovery Kit. It arrived in a chic mini cooler bag with an icepack that made it easy to bring the juices with me on the go. Combined with a diet of fresh salads and light protein, it definitely cut my cravings for sugar as I didn’t want to “ruin” the fresh light feeling I had going on in my belly.

The Kaeng Raeng 3-Day Cleanse was a bit more intense. Three days of shakes and only raw fruits and vegetables took focus and commitment. But the results were worth it. I felt full and nourished and actually didn’t crave sugar. Half a banana, coconut water, and fresh squeezed orange juice made the shakes pretty darn tasty. The Daily Green Energy Pacs helped me away from heavy carbs.


Detox to help you lose your vacation weight

Quick and easy, teas assisted with my after-vacation detox to restore my body’s balance. I kept a few servings of different teas in the fridge ready to drink. Three of my favorites that I experienced greats results with are Organic Dandelion SuperHerb® Tea Bags, organic PUKKA Detox Tea, and Dragon Herbs’ Spring Dragon Longevity Tea with the digestive aid Gynostemma that has been used in China for centuries.



Supplements can help your after vacation detox

If you don’t mind the occasional niacin flush, Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare Elevate vegan supplements gave me a boost. I couldn’t tell if it repaired my DNA as it said it might on the bottle but sure I did feel an increase of energy, a few pounds slid off, and I slept really well. I also started taking the probiotic Florastor to kickstart my digestive health and help with after-vacation bloating.

After detoxing and the pounds came off, I wanted to keep up that good feeling. So I went to the experts for their advice. Moniqua Plante Real Food/Real Life expert says, “If you’re craving sugar, try sweet vegetables like beets and carrots. They soothe your internal organs and energize your mind. Sweet root vegetables are energetically grounding, which helps to balance out the spaciness you often feel after eating processed and sugary sweet foods.”

Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, DNM, ROHP and author of “Weekend Wonder Detox” (DaCapo) advises to “start every day with a big glass of pure water with the fresh juice of one lemon squeezed in it.” She also suggests daily large green salads a with berries, nuts, seeds, and an olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing.

The verdict?

Success! My after-vacation detox diet plan wasn’t that hard to do. With focus and commitment, I stayed the course and the pounds slid off. I have my energy back and I feel like I’m where I was before my eating tour through Europe.

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