Don’t Throw the Bamboo out with the Bathwater


You remember it: the commercial of the frazzled woman with hands flailing in the air and a helpless look on her face because her husband and job and kids and pets all need her at the same time. She cries, “Calgon, take me away!” and is instantly transported to a bubbly bathtub where she can relax in peace.

If I had a super-power, that would be it. No scaling tall buildings for me. I love the bath and I often stay submerged until my fingers prune. When I have the time (too rarely), I’m lounging for an hour with a book and a glass of merlot. All made possible, or at least more feasible with this bamboo bathtub caddy designed by Luciano Lorenzatti (a wonderful designer who also created this for me to open that bottle of wine).

The caddy is made of bamboo, a completely sustainable organic grass that is naturally water resistant, antimicrobial and long-lasting. It includes a magazine or book stand, soap dish, a spot to place your razor or sponge and of course, a wine glass holder. Add some pure rose oil and take me away!

Image: Delight