Dressed to Thrill


I love the New York Times Thursday Style section, which recently featured a seductive plea by writer Guy Trebay (disguised as an article) for women to keep wearing summer dresses though fashion authorities are predicting their demise. After all, dresses are easy, cool, feminine, and designed to make the most of curves and legs. For all those reasons, men love them, too: “. . . you will have to concede that, for flattering a woman’s body, nothing is quite like a dress,” Trebay writes.

Some of the prettiest dresses made with eco-friendly materials come from rebe, the brand of mother and daughter Debra Weiss and Hillery Sproatt. Here at EcoSalon, we love the sexy-backed Brenda dress in organic cotton or linen/Tencel and the scoop-necked Miriam in organic cotton. The strapless, easy but sophisticated organic cotton knit Grace dress is a versatile dream for summer travel – it can also be worn as a skirt, and a touch of spandex makes it highly packable. Oh, but we also love the evy and the julie and…


I think our dress advocate at the Times would approve. (See the rebe spring ’08 collection here.)

Images: rebe