Dust Off Your Disco Ball

Who doesn’t think Jon Hamm is debonair? The last couple of years we have been basking in the Sixties, often attributed to the expansive addiction to Mad Men (and Jon Hamm). Dust off your disco ball, the era of Annie Hall is about to resurface. The Seventies boasts the mark of legends including Led Zeppelin and Louis Kahn. Living Etc predicts the 1970s will be a 2011 shelter trend. I agree. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect.

This 1975 English bungalow belongs to Sheridan Coakley (of Sheridan Coakley Products). The space incorporates dark wood grain, modern geometry, sleek lines, solid brick, and built-in features, all icons of the Seventies.

The reminiscent round up above was featured in the January 2011 issue of Living Etc. Mmmm. Mustard yellow and avocado.

Top products clockwise from top left:

1. Alice Wallpaper (Mustard) – Mini Moderns, £45
2. Lady from Orient Cushion – Room #39, £120
2. Leigh Coffee Cabinet – My Deco, £1787

Psst. Please take note that I made it through an entire post about the 1970s without once using the term “groovy”. I am sincerely hopeful that words like ‘groovy’ (and lava lamps!) will remain anchored in the 1970s – not 2011.

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