Dyeing Armpit Hair (and Keep it Smelling Fresh) is the Latest Hot, Weird Trend

Woman with armpit hair

Guess what the hot new hair trend is? And no, we aren’t referring to the hair on your head… we’re talking about armpit hair.

Yes, ladies. You can be part of the wave of women dying their armpit hair. Now, before you accuse us of making this trend up, I present to you the following proof:

On December 1, Refinery29 reported on this emerging trend that has, apparently, been around for quite a while. According to Refinery29, the whole armpit hair dying craze started about a year ago (a year!) and was born from Lady Pit Hair, an Instagram account run by Anna Biotics.

So, how did this trend get going? Pretty much like any trend does — it emerged “just because.” Biotics also explains that it’s part of an alternative culture that’s fun. It also celebrates the “no shave” culture that many women have decided to embrace.

So, you may be thinking, “I totally want to color my pit hair, but I’m nervous to grow it out. Won’t I stink?” No, you won’t, dear readers! There are a few fool-proof beauty dos that will keep your freshly-dyed hairy underarms smelling sweet.

All you have to do, basically, is clean your underarm area… thoroughly

You’re really going to have to get in there and give your armpits a good scrub. Make sure plenty of soap and water cover the area. Once you’re out of the shower, pat dry your armpits with a towel, and apply your favorite, non-toxic deodorant. (This XOVain writer digs Tom’s of Main.) Or if you don’t dig store-bought deodorant, just duck into the kitchen and grab a lemon. Yes, it can eliminate the bacteria that cause a stink.

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