Copy, Paste, Click and Spare the V-Day Headache

I hate Hallmark holidays, I hate Hallmark holidays, I hate Hallmark holidays…

Let’s have a little chat, my Valentine’s Day hater. I can hear the protests now: Don’t you know every day can be Valentine’s Day if you want it to be? Don’t you know you can tell people any day that they are loved and buy them lush bouquets of flowers or heart-shaped jewelry? Don’t you know you can have hot sex day or night, with or without champagne, and with or without sexy organic lingerie?

For Pete’s sake.

I get it, I do. But is a little Valentine’s day bliss really so bad? Heart-shaped corn syrup candies may not warm the cockles of your heart, but I’m willing to bet someone you love sure likes to know they’re appreciated this time of year. (I’m saying this as much for myself as anyone.) For all of us pink-tinged Scrooges and red-hued Grinches, today we make it easy: copy, paste, click, done.

This scarf by Vivien Pollack Design for $36 comes in all the lovely colors of spring and can be used in many ways on both Valentine’s Day as well as after: A pretty neck tie on a plain blouse, a belt on a high-waisted skirt or dress, a trendy turban, a tie for the bed post, a foreplay mask.

For a cute spin on jewelry, suggest this to someone and have them put a lock of hair, a love note or fortune cookie message referring to love eternal. Available at Beklina, these French enameled lockets for $98 come in fun candy colors much more delicious than a box of See’s.

Nothing says sex me up more than a silk teddy – and one from an eco-friendly catalog? Perfectly sinful from VivaTerra – we like their style (and it’s on sale for $39!).

Valentine’s Day is the best time to give or receive a pretty bottle of fragrance from the one you love and D.S. & Durga is at the top of the best scented list. Experiencing a perfume like The Orchid Drinkers or Five Step Waltz is pure sensory bliss. $86

The grand dame of all the gifts on February 14th is the eternal symbol of love (cue the fast-bowing violins), gasp, the ring. Here’s the most unusual one I’ve discovered, and if you give or get it this Valentine’s Day, send us a picture of you wearing it.

I love the description of the snake ring, or “ouroboros,” a snake biting its own tail: “An ouroboros is an ancient symbol of eternity and rebirth. To wit: Inscribed in hieroglyphics on an Egyptian wall was ‘the male serpent is bitten by the female serpent, the female serpent is bitten by the male serpent, Heaven is enchanted, earth is enchanted, the male behind mankind is enchanted.'”

St. Kilda, $1,292

Top Image From Rainbow Photos

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.