Easy, Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaning


You know how after you clean your bathroom with harsh chemical products it reeks for days? I used to light candles, burn incense and spray perfume to try to eliminate these unpleasant fumes, all to no avail. When I realized how harmful these products were to the environment (not to mention my lungs), I started investigating safer options.

For your tiles and countertops, Biocare’s bathroom cleaner replaces harsh chemicals with plant-based ingredients like tea tree oil.
To keep your tub fresh, the Green Mandarin and Leaf shower cleaner by Seventh Generation is non-toxic and biodegradable with no glycol ethers.
Mrs. Meyers specializes in aroma therapeutic household cleaners, including toilet bowl cleaner that is chlorine-free and biodegradable. Choose from fragrant scents like lavender, lemon verbena and geranium.
Clogged drains can be remedied with Earth Enzymes’ natural drain opener. This eco-alternative is a non-caustic, non-toxic and biodegradable way to solve this pesky dilemma.