Endangered Species Chocolate: A Sweet Way to Make a Difference

choc bar 2choc bar

You may already know that chocolate can help beat the blues, ease the stress of a frustrating day, and, in some cultures, it’s even used as a replacement for cash. But were you aware that by simply eating a chocolate bar, you can help protect the lives of endangered species like African elephants, lions, and bonobo apes?

No, you probably won’t save an African jungle by simply chowing down on a bag of M&Ms – but when you purchase an Endangered Species chocolate bar, 10 percent of the company’s net profits goes directly to fund animal conservation efforts through partners like the African Wildlife Foundation and the Ocean Conservancy. To us, that sounds like an easy (and scrumptious) way to lend a hand to animals in need.

While we appreciate the opportunity to promote the conservation effort with our choice of confection, it’s also admirable that the company works to support and revitalize the communities where its growers reside. The cacao beans used to create Endangered Species Chocolate are shade-grown on Fair Trade family farms in Nigeria, and the company has contributed water pumps, educational supplies, and student scholarships to villagers in the farming communities where the beans are grown.

So, this Halloween, instead of splurging on the usual suspects, why not pick up a stash of Endangered Species chocolate bars? The kids will love the animal photos and information on the wrappers, and you’ll feel great knowing you’ve just saved an ape or two.

And if you happen to “forget” to pass out a dozen or so of the luscious Dark Chocolate with Blueberries bars? Don’t worry. We’ll never tell.