Eat Well with Ease: Superfoods Made Approachable

seamless superfoods

Superfoods can be quite intimidating. Aside from the regular fruits and vegetables we get from our local grocer, which are worthy superfoods in all their simplistic glory, the more exotic superfoods, such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit and powders, can be difficult to incorporate into your everyday diet.

However, it doesn’t have to be. If you look closely, there are many loopholes in your already existing diet where the addition of some superfood will either go unnoticed or only enhance the flavor of whatever you are eating. The following tips help you to bring nutritious superiority to your meals in a seamless manner.

When you want to make superfoods a meal highlight, it’s hard to imagine how nuts, seeds and dried fruit can make the cut. The thing is, a little goes a long way, so there is no reason to overdo these relatively dense, heavy superfoods because they are just as equally potent in terms of nutrition. Sure, every once in awhile a supefood burger makes for a unique alternative to its beef-based alternative. Get used to adding a handful of superfood nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to salads or eating them plain as a snack. Any nut, seed or dried fruit-based meal can clog your digestive system and be too heavy to enjoy on the reg.

For any superfood butters, simply add them to your morning oatmeal or mix into a smoothie. I like to take whole raw nuts and dried fruit, process them until grainy and able to hold together, and then eat the mix rolled up in a collard green leaf. It’s a mini, hassle-free snack!

I find powders the easiest to work with because they are easy to hide in almost any dish. I don’t particularly like the taste of spirulina or hemp on their own, so I add a tablespoon, give or take, to a morning fruit smoothie. The fruit cuts the flavor while letting the vitamins and nutrients take control. I also sprinkle the powder over salads, mix lightly into soups, add to the batter of baked goods, or even fold into veggies burger mixes to help hold the “meat” together.

However you enjoy superfoods, remember that they aren’t worth your time if they aren’t easy to fit into your lifestyle. If you keep your creations simple, you can benefit from their super powers without the fuss.

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