Eat Your Meat and Feel Good About It, Too


Many people are confronting the ethical dilemma of eating meat produced through factory farming. And the recent Pew Study confirms some of our worst environmental and public health fears. At some point, the claims of “all natural” at the local grocery store’s butcher counter just start to ring hollow. What’s a meat lover to do?

Luckily, meat CSAs started by small, ethical producers are popping up all over the country. Just like a vegetable CSA, consumers can join and buy “shares” in a farm. These shares get you a share of whatever is produced. In the case of a meat CSA, this will be steaks, chops, chickens, and more.

Here’s a rundown of what’s out there and some resources to find more.

-Bay Area Meat CSA: A Slow Food Project in the SF Bay Area

-Clark Summit Farm: SF Bay Area

-Marin Sun Farms: SF Bay Area

-Sonoma County Meat CSA: Sonoma County-in conjunction with the University of California at Davis

-Cured Meat CSA: SF Bay Area

-Stillmans Farm: Massachusetts

-Crown S Ranch: Washington State

-Eat Wild: Finding meat CSAs and ethical producers in your area.

Here’s an article on starting your own meat buying club.

Image: ctaloi

Vanessa Barrington

Vanessa Barrington is a San Francisco based writer and communications consultant specializing in environmental, social, and political issues in the food system.