Soon to Be Fueled By Our Collective Hot Air


Imagine capturing the CO2 people exhale and converting it into biofuel to power diesel vehicles and heating systems. It’s all part of an experiment that’s taking place at the Liverpool John Lennon Airport in the UK.

The Eco-Box, designed by scientists from Origo Industries, works by capturing CO2 through a photo-bioreactor. This CO2 becomes feedstock for algae which then produces a biomass that can be refined and converted into green fuel.

The Eco-Box carbon recycling system was installed at the airport in January, with a goal of harnessing 24,000 during its pilot program. Once that’s shown to be successful, the experiment will aim for expansion, with an ultimate goal of establishing a 289,000 gallon system which would provide approximately 800 gallons of biofuel a day.

If successful, the Eco-box could have significant impact on how companies manage carbon emissions and obtain fuel. Just imagine, with all the hot air the pundits expend, they’d finally earn their keep!


Image: Aaron Wagner