Eco Crush: Recycled Paper Lamps


Back in middle school, I was obsessed with collages. I tore out favorite magazine photos or ads and artfully (or so I thought) arranged them on binders, book covers, even covered the inside of my locker. No surface was safe from me and my glue stick!

I’ve since outgrown that style of decorating, but these recycled paper lamps ($84) reignited my love of bright colors and layers upon layers of paper. In my opinion, there’s a more sophisticated way to incorporate fun colors and shapes into a room. And it’s apropos, because I use my living room lamp primarily for late-night magazine marathons.

Created by Etsy seller picapicadesign, the lamps are made from all recycled materials, combining used lamp bases and coil strips of magazine pages. And since each lamp base is a slightly different shape and size, no two are alike.

I can just picture these lamps illuminating a modern living room or bedside table. You could group a few lamps of varying sizes together (like the ones pictured above) or let one lamp fly solo, creating an instant focal point in the room. Not in the market for a new lamp? Similar style vases are also available.