Eco Fashion at the Oscars: 15 Celebs Most Likely to Dress with a Conscience


Who will be lighting up the Red Carpet with cruelty-free and eco fashion at this year’s Oscars?

Seems like there are always newcomers to living compassionately, and we hope there are many surprises this year, but we can guess that these celebs will be glamming it up in vegan and sustainable fashion at Sunday’s Academy Awards.

joaquin phoenix

1. Joaquin Phoenix: The “Her” star is a longtime vegan and animal rights supporter. He’ll certainly be eating with a conscience and we hope he’ll be dressing to match.


2. Charlize Theron: Always gorgeous and stylish, this Oscar-winning presenter is behind an eco-friendly line of TOMS shoes and denim, benefitting the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project.


3/4.Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Two of this year’s presenters, Brad and Angelina aren’t vegetarian or vegan, but they do have an organic vineyard in France. And being two of the biggest Hollywood humanitarians out there, who knows, perhaps they’ll be dining and dressing in accord with their ethics, too.

Kate Hudson

5. Kate Hudson: Kate always looks gorgeous and it may be in part due to her hair. That’s right, this year’s presenter also co-created an eco and cruelty-free hair care line with hairdresser David Babaii that benefited WildAid.

jared leto

6. Jared Leto: Best Supporting Actor nominee in “Dallas Buyers Club”, Jared is a longtime vegan and animal rights supporter. He’s always dressing with style, and we’re looking forward to what we wears to the Oscars.

kerry washington

7. Kerry Washington: Presenting this year, Kerry is always eco-conscious, and could take some cues from the gorgeous eco apartment makeover she received courtesy of Oprah Magazine a few years ago. We’ll be on the lookout!

leonardo dicaprio

8. Leonardo DiCaprio: The Best Actor Nominee is not only a master of the screen, he’s lent his name to some pretty rad eco initiatives including a coffee. He is outspoken about global warming having  co-wrote, co-produced and narrated the film “11th Hour“, which addressed the issues at hand and how we can fix the problems. We sure hope he’s dressing with that in mind.

naomi watts

9. Naomi Watts: Presenting this year, vegetarian and eco-minded mom, Naomi Watts always looks beautiful, and we know based on her stunning gown last year that she won’t cut any corners (except for the one’s in her dress.)

Jason Sudeikis

10. Jason Sudeikis: Rumor has it that since engaging himself to the gorgeous vegan Olivia Wilde, Jason has adopted a healthier lifestyle. He sure looks great these days. So what will this presenter wear? We’re hoping Olivia picks it out.

cate blanchett

11. Cate Blanchett: Best Actress Nominee for her stunning role in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine”, Cate is a winner whether she takes home the Oscar or not. A vegetarian and humanitarian, she is also a big proponent of the Greening the Wharf initiative that installed more than 1,900 solar panels at the Sydney Theatre Company.

jim carrey

12. Jim Carrey: This hilarious presenter (and recent author!) boasted about his healthy diet last year—being almost close to vegan besides eating eggs. We’re assuming they’re from a local farmers market here in LA. And, as a founding member of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, he sure has an eye for living consciously. Let’s hope it translates into his attire as well.

Matthew McConaughey

13. Matthew McConaughey: Best Actor Nominee and favorite to win the award credits his son for making him “more eco.” If his commitment to living with a smaller footprint is at all like his recent commitment to better acting, we simply cannot wait to see what he wears on Sunday. (Suggestion: something tight, please.)

emma watson

14. Emma Watson: “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson is proving there’s life beyond the Potter years. She’s also proving that there’s a lot more to life than making movies. A vegetarian, Watson is also behind Pure Threads, a fashion line that features environmentally friendly, organic dresses.  We sure hope she’s wearing one on Sunday!

Anne Hathaway

15. Anne Hathaway: Presenter Anne Hathaway is a committed vegetarian and fashionista, so we know she’s got something gorgeous and kind up her sleeves…if she’s wearing any.

Check back in post-Oscars for a review of the best of the best in eco and cruelty-free fashion.

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