Eco Luxe for Four-Legged, Furry People

Face it. You’re boyfriend is basically a dog and it’s time he got his own bed. 

Cats and dogs love a good lay and as a responsible pet owner, you’ve no doubt spayed or neutered him or her to keep it solo. But the fact remains they live for a good roll around in the sack, usually yours, which cramps your style with all manner of bed hogging and hair shedding that is not at all sexy.

These pet beds, pods, hammocks and boxes can be sexy. They look good and they make your own bed much more inviting for two-legged company. They’re also environmentally responsible, made from bamboo and sustainable materials.

Pet Lounge Studios is an eco-friendly manufacturer of eco luxe pet furniture. The Bambu Pet Hammock and the Bambu Pet Diner melds sharp design with eco-friendly materials.






















Bamboo, of course, is the fastest growing “wood like” substance on the planet. After a stalk is harvested, four to seven plants pop up in its place. It’s strong, flexible and lightweight – like your cat, who will love another one of Pet Lounge Studio’s products, the Bambu Lounger.










Fifi will love Whiner and Diner’s pet accessories, which are made from authentic, reclaimed wooden wine crates.

Meanwhile, The Refined Feline’s bamboo Kitty Ball Cat Bed gives Fluffy an elevated nest from which to judge all your suitors.

Observe: the Eames inspired canopy cat bed.











And finally, the eco-friendly banana leaf cat cave.

So cushy you’ll never have to lint brush another overnight visitor again.


K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.