Eco Singer AlyssA Angelica James Makes an Impact


AlyssA Angelica James is on a roll. An “Ëœecotainment’ pioneer, she has been doing stand-up comedy and making people laugh about their bad habits towards the environment for a few years now.

A self confessed treehugger, AlyssA finds comedy a great way of getting her message across about how we all need to look after the environment. People at the shows might not realize it at the time but amongst all the laughter, she is also educating them about green issues.

AlyssA, however, is not just a comedian.

She is also an amazing singer-songwriter who has just released an album called Within that’s making waves among environmentalists and music lovers.

The music is mellow – a mixture of jazz, gospel, pop, and folk – but the lyrics are tough and thought provoking. The track “ËœPure and Holy’, for example, might have a light toe tapping beat but there’s nothing light about its topic – the impact of government and big business on the environment.

Take a listen. You’ll see what I mean.