Eco-Friendly Cookware Options


Your meals may consist of organic ingredients, but is your cookware as green as the food that’s prepared in it? Many cookware brands sell products that contain fluoropolymer resins, which are about as unhealthy as they sound.

For peace of mind, check out your eco-friendly options:

Instead of toxic Teflon, GreenPan’s London set uses ceramic-based materials for a non-stick surface that’s petroleum-free. Cuisinart Greenware doesn’t contain PTFE and is designed to consume less energy through superior heat conductivity. Marco Pierre White’s Hard Anodised set is coated with a patented mineral polymer called Thermolon, which, unlike traditional non-stick alternatives, doesn’t release harmful pollutants into the air when you cook. Are these picks a bit too bland for your colorful taste? Check out Kim’s post on Le Creuset’s cast iron cookware.