Eco Links to Green Your Weekend


Blink, and you miss a week. That’s what it feels like, anyway. And we never got round to telling you about these, did we?

First up, a "Marbelous" table that’s like a Pachinko machine. Watch as tiny steel balls spiral down the legs and collect in the feet. Scream as you step on the one that got away, and fly through the air. As fun as it looks, we’d like to label this one an Environmental Hazard.

Here’s a curious discovery. It takes less energy to make a cup from bad old planet-bashing polystyrene than to make a ceramic cup and wash it. And if we were all perfectly selfish, Styrofoam cups would be the way to drink our morning coffee. Luckily, we’re not. (via Apartment Therapy Re-Nest)

What to do with a CD once its shelf-life is over? Sarah Dryden at New Consumer has spotted a way to get cash for your old compact discs. (Another suggestion? If you want to keep your garden plants unmolested by birdlife, hang a CD on some string so it twists and flashes with the breeze.)

Here’s 5 things that Shelteriffic learnt last week and that we learnt this week – although we’re ahead of them on the point about houshold chores.

Greenopia (here’s our post on them) are giving away some of their city guidebooks over at Ecorazzi. Leave a comment to enter the competition!

What happens when an eco-community sets up without planning permission? Normally the law takes a dim view – but thanks to a recent sustainable living initiative in a regional National Park Authority in Wales, this eco-village lives to green another day.

The 9th edition of Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics has been released. Top dogs? Nokia, unsurprisingly.

The day of the electric car is not quite upon us – but it’s not far off, either. Have a look at these 10 electric cars you can buy today (and watch British car presenter Jeremy Clarkson give a famously sniffy boy-racer’s opinion on the Reva G-Wiz).

Scorecard is an impressively comprehensive roundup of pollution problems in your area – and you can even check out who the worst-offending companies in the US are (and give them a wide berth when you’re vacationing in the area).

The Daily Green has coined a new phrase that sums up the benefits of shunning food miles in favor of local produce – the 100 mile diet. Would you take up the 100 Mile Diet Challenge – 100 days of local food? (What? You want me to do it? Am I allowed one exception?)

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Image: Shereen M

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