Eco Poo Bags: Worth Their Weight in Clever, Clean and Green?


I admit it – I used to buy those brand-new blue bags in a roll to pick up my dog’s poop. Not the greenest item, actually not green at all, but very convenient and clean.

Then I switched to re-using the plastic bags from my trips to the grocery store, but having one too many “accidents” with a holey bag, I soon learned to double-up. Reusing two bags, I thought, was better than using one brand new, specially-made bag.

But now that I’m not asking for plastic and I don’t plan on using eco-canvas to pick up poop, what to do? Lucky for me, I happened upon these new dog poo bags designed by the German product design agency jungeschachtel.

The packaging is clever, colorful and funny. The bags are hygienic, 100% biodegradable and funny, too, with sayings like “Size Matters” and “Shit Happens”.

I commend the attempt to make a dirty job a little less boring, but at 16 bags for approximately $25 this dirty job could become a little too pricey. What do you think?

Would you purchase these eco poop bags?