EcoEtsy Favorites


Are you ready for the next verse in my ode to EcoEtsy? This week, I found handmade décor for your walls, tabletops and shelves you’ll love.

I’m a big fan of rustic furniture, but it’s much more difficult to find decorative accents with the same raw appeal. The Eco-Friendly frame in Tuscan yellow (shown above) is finished with VOC-free shellac to retain the natural appearance of the (sustainable) wood.


Looking for a truly original, retro-modern wall hanging? GreenWorks artisans salvaged scraps of car interiors on their way to the landfill for their Recycled Seat Belt wall art assemblage, a modern weave of metallic strips that shimmer subtly.


Passing food around the table at big meals might become an outmoded tradition if the Turnadaisy butler keeps on spinning. Place your delectable dishes on this functional piece, and all of your guests can fill their plates with just a whirl.