EcoSalon and Ecco Bella Want You to Start Off the New Year With a Fresh Face [$500 Giveaway!]

Ecco Bella wants you to have a fresh new year.

January is the time for all sorts of fresh starts. So, why not make a New Year’s resolution to have the freshest face in the city this year? It sounds silly, but in all honesty, keeping your face clean and supple is always an admirable goal.

Ecco Bella, makeup

To help you keep that resolution, EcoSalon is giving away this $500 E-Gift Card to Ecco Bella. The lucky winner gets to choose whatever her heart desires from the line. All you have to do to become eligible to win this generous prize is sign-up for our newsletter.

Ecco Bella is known for its unique FlowerColor Makeup and VitaminCell Skincare.

Ecco Bella, makeup

FlowerColor Makeup

Ecco Bella’s FlowerColor Makeup is chemical-free and long lasting. Each product is infused with flower wax, nature’s best-kept beauty secret. It’s essentially the same delicate coating that protects flower petals from the elements–just imagine how it could enhance your beauty?! Mineral-enriched formulas create a protective layer that keeps the body’s natural moisture from seeping through makeup–looks stay fresher and linger longer on the face, eyes, and lips. There are no toxins or chemicals that could dry and irritate skin in these products — there is only a pure, mineral-enriched formula (along with the finest natural ingredients).

Ecco Bella, skincare


Defy the hands of time with the only anti-aging skin care enriched with VitaminCells. They contain trillions of microspheres that deliver the world’s most powerful skin vitamins like lutein, lycopene, astaxanthin, COQ10, and vitamins C + C deep into your skin to protect and rejuvenate it from stress, sun, environmental aging, and blemishes. Experience the anti-aging skincare that lets you reset your body clock.

Ecco Bella, lipstick

In addition to selling the above lines, Ecco Bella also carries hair and body care items, as well as perfume.

You know you want the best skin you could possibly have in 2016, so sign-up for our newsletter now. And if you’re already a subscriber, you know the drill (you’re already entered).

Ecco Bella, makeup

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