EcoSalon at NYFW: (Sustainable) Fashion’s Night Out Party Highlights and Pics

Highlights from our event.

To kick off a green Fashion Week, EcoSalon was pleased to co-host a (Sustainable) Fashion’s Night Out party Thursday, September 8th in partnership with New York’s Textile Arts Center, Of Rags, and the New York City Fair Trade Coalition. Over 500 guests came by to nosh on raw, vegan brownies, swig delicious organic bubbles, talk eco fashion and check out new looks from some of New York’s rising green talent at the TAC’s new West Village location in Manhattan. We loved meeting with all the designers, artists, nonprofit folks, fair trade entrepreneurs and fashionistas in attendance.

Party goers also scooped up goodie bags and EcoSalon’s exclusive Feral Childe “Stop the Fashion Pirates” tee shirts, partial proceeds of which help to support Feral Childe, the indie brand currently embroiled in a lawsuit against Forever21. Scroll down to see some of the highlights of the event, which culminated after 10 p.m. in a surprise birthday celebration for Editor-in-Chief Sara Ost (who broke down in a shameless frenzy of gluten glory to eat at least two delicious frosting-topped cupcakes). Photo evidence, oh yes.

While we were all there to shop and support eco fashion and participate in Fashion’s Night Out, of course, these two editors have to say it: Damn if we don’t have some good looking’ readers. (Special thanks to stylish vegan man-about-town and EcoSalon’s favorite ethical raconteur Dan Mims for swinging by, as well.)

Jewelry and fiber designer Erin Considine and Textile Arts Center Co-Founder Owyn Ruck

Of Rags crew: Liz Westendorf, Liz Ricketts and Branson Skinner

Event guests mingle and talk eco-fashion

Knitwear designer Kaelyn Garcia, New York City Fair Trade Coalition’s Pamela Alimurung, Lori Imbesi, writer Alyssa Alimurung and Afia designer Meghan Sebold

EMpower’s Virginia Dooley

Designer Eliza Starbuck, EcoSalon Managing Editor Amy DuFault and EcoSalon Editor-in-Chief, Sara Ost

Our (Sustainable) Fashion’s Night Out bags were chock full of great goodies!

Nature vs. Future designer Nina Valenti and social media and marketing guru Camille Marchand

Designs by Feral Childe, Ohm-Mongo, and more

Kaelyn Garcia shows us knits are hot

EcoSalon Editor-in-Chief Sara Ost and writer and social media maven Alyssa Alimurung

Co-Founder and Editor of Green House of Fashion, Zanna Schumacher

Guests at our event were invited to cut the tags from their clothing and pin the tags to the corkboard. The Textile Arts Center will then trace the origin of their clothes, helping party attendants learn more about where their fashions come from.

Fashion writer and founder of Greta Guide and FASHIONmeGREEN, Greta Eagan

Designer Nina Valenti, Buddha Nose founder Amy Galper, RESTORE co-designer Celeste Lilore, Social Media expert and writer Anandi Premlall and the ever fabulous, RESTORE co-designer and mayor of New York, Anthony Lilore

Kestrel Jenkins, writer for Ecouterre and founder of Hoverstyle and Jill Danyelle, Occupational Therapist and founder of FiftyRX3

Erin Considine Jewelry

The feisty Eliza Starbuck ready for war wearing her exclusive Feral Childe for EcoSalon “Stop The Fashion Pirates” t-shirt

Shabd’s luxe maxi dress

Rachel Miller, Sustainable Fashion Professor at Pratt, Rhea Alexander, Founder and Designer of DIGS, DIGS architect Ali Soltani

Each designer provided an interactive statement for guests to learn more about the inspiration behind their brands.

Designers Meiling Chen and Eliza Starbuck

EcoSalon Managing Editor Amy DuFault and designer Nina Valenti

Exclusive Feral Childe for EcoSalon “Stop the Fashion Pirates” t-shirts

Source 4Style’s Elizabeth Cloyd and Afia Designer Meghan Sebold

The Textile Arts Center’s Manhattan Manager Addison Walz and TAC co-founder Owyn Ruck

Wool and the Gang takes knitwear to new heights

New York City Fair Trade Coalition’s Pamela Alimurung and DIG’s Rhea Alexander

Happy birthday to EcoSalon Editor-in-Chief Sara Ost!

Countdown to sugar high in 3, 2, 1…(please don’t tell Marketing Manager Anna Brones about the cupcakes).