EcoSalon Shops! Presents: Feral Childe


In your closet is the black section, the gray section, the formal section and then the “whatever section,” filled with neutrals and maybe a jewel tone here and there.

Hmm, do you think it might be time to ask yourself why there isn’t a fun section in your closet? An area that delights you when contemplating wearing what’s in there?

I have one and have noticed over the past two years that it’s being filled with Feral Childe. I’m not kidding, it actually makes me feel happy to wear their clothing. And this dress above? Well, that baby is mine as soon as it hits the stores at the end of summer. A dress made with a Lite Brite print? Are you kidding me?!

Feral Childe is the bi-coastal collaboration of Moriah Carlson (Brooklyn, NY) and Alice Wu (Oakland, CA) who both come from a fine arts background. Seasonally, the two lock themselves away and focus on the job at hand: To create a thoughtful (fun, colorful) women’s line that’s completely wearable in many settings.

Each season, the design process begins with the duo’s collaborative drawing sessions where the drawings then become become textile prints, and elements are incorporated into construction details such as shaped facings and hems, as well as the buttons and accessories. Feral Childe then ties in fabrics like organic cotton and wool, tencel, soy, hemp blends, and silk, as well as mill-ends, deadstock and overstock treasures.

The collection is proudly produced in New York’s Garment District which will be in full force representation at EcoSalon Shops! on June 4th (as well as both designers).

And for the record, just meeting the designers and seeing how they put their clothes together, will make you smile.

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.