EcoSalon Shops! Presents: T-Luxe Lingerie


You’ve started buying eco-friendly clothing. Check. You’ve realized that buying vegan shoes and paying a higher price is okay because really, how often do you buy new shoes? Vegan shoes. Check. You are eating amazingly well with your organic veggies and tofu scrambles. Eating right. Check.

But there’s a final frontier, something you hadn’t thought of but it lays closest to your skin (besides your favorite necklace). It’s your undergarments – the foundation of who you are and the secret pieces that make you look seamless.

Tiffany Phipps, founder of T-Luxe lingerie, created her line to cater to those women not only ready to tackle that final frontier, but who appreciate well made panties and bras, bustiers and sumptuous silk robes. Women who don’t and won’t skimp on their lingerie no matter how eco-friendly they have to be.


Tiffany goes eco-glam on lush fabrics used in the production of T-Luxe with blends of soy, organic cotton and bamboo. And the fact that they come from a Fair Trade facility with low carbon emissions? It doesn’t get any better. Not to mention that she designs and manufactures everything in Brooklyn which cuts down on her (and your) carbon footprint when it comes to getting you your essentials.

Did I mention how friendly and informative Tiffany is? You’ll just have to meet her and come and peruse her garment rack. What? Did you say where? Why at EcoSalon Shops! on June 4th, of course.

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.