EcoSalon Shops! Presents: The Boutiques


Based in Brooklyn where all the cool girls hang, Foundfuture is the brainchild of The 400 Showroom’s saucy Shannon Lorraine.

Cruising around Foundfuture is like being a kid in a candy store as your eyes get fixated on colorful headbands by Love from Hetty and Dave, eclectic charm bracelets from Mi Asunta, and comic book like statement necklaces that might just give you super powers. Lorraine definitely has an eye for fun and that’s why it’s a welcome respite from all the other eco-sites out there when you pop into shop.

Her about us statement says Foundfuture “brings you the best kept secrets in fashion. It also just happens to focus on sustainable practices.” We’re happy she’s able to do both.

Juno & Jove

Based out of Sarasota, Florida, Juno & Jove launched in 2006 and has emerged as a premier shopping destination for the socially conscious consumer, both online and at their brick and mortar shop. Looking through their carefully curated list of designers, you might be surprised by how many eco-talents you don’t know (which is very refreshing!)

We love that they offer women’s as well as men’s clothing and shoes, and beautiful pieces for the home as well. Once I started perusing the site, I really couldn’t stop. Give yourself some time here!

Mission Savvy

When we found out hip new eco-boutique Mission Savvy was on a Green City tour and will be joining us at EcoSalon Shops! on June 4th, we were flattered to say the least. Especially since she was coming from Mission Savvy headquarters in Charleston, West Virginia.

Founder Jennifer Miller is a pretty amazing entrepreneur hailing from a past life as an animal activist who now fuses eco-fashion and animal protection in a way that’s compassionate as much as fashion forward. Five percent of profits generated by sales from Mission Savvy’s clothing collections are donated to a select group of animal welfare and conservation groups who work on the front lines of tough issues. Peruse her missions and tap into what drives Miller to create awareness about more than just sustainable fashion.

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.