EcoSalon Organic Chocolate Explosion

A unique selection of chocolates arrived at headquarters today, ordered by my sweetie (thanks, Brian). It’s not Valentine’s Day; they were just a treat for the end of a busy week at the blog.* We also had a birthday girl in the house, so with the afternoon’s dark and fudgy chocolate cake, this day can safely be labeled Serotonin Friday.

Chocolates by Theo are some of the most incredible morsels you’ll ever sink your teeth into (Oprah considers them her favorite, so you know they’re good). They are made in Seattle by an artisan team that just happens to be the only organic cacao roasting group in the country. (And Theo was the first importer of organic beans in the country, as well.) Every ingredient is organic and fair trade.

The fact that this is socially responsible, eco-friendly chocolate is really just the glitter on the good. From fresh mint leaf ganache to coconut curry (yes, really, and really good), from toasty hazelnut to bread and chocolate (imagine a salty French croissant dipped in chocolate), from fig and fennel to a very grown-up PB&J, the interesting combinations are well-executed and not at all intellectual. Just delicious, balanced, and fresh. None of the products contain any additives or emulsifiers, so your order arrives with an "enjoy by" date on the appealing recycled, ribboned paper packaging.

There’s a new favorite around here.

Image: Theo

*note to self: smart man, must keep.