Emmy’s Organics: A Vegan Snack Company with Integrity

emmys organics gift box

Born in an Ithaca, New York kitchen when founders Samantha Abrams and Ian Gaffney developed a special macaroon recipe one night, Emmy’s Organics has become of the most conscious snack food producers in our country.

Priding themselves on the use of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and raw ingredients, the company is also committed to eco packaging, sustainable business practices, and exceptional employee care. As Samantha affirms, “we put a lot of effort into every step of the process and we’re very aware of the impact we make.”

emmys organics macaroons

Low temperature dehydration is the process used to make the Emmy’s Organics tasty products. Nothing is heated above 115°F so that many essential and beneficial nutrients are retained in these energy-packed snacks. Emmy’s macaroons are available in a range of delectable flavors and the scrumptious granolas, trail mixes and sprouted sunflower seeds are great snacks when on the go. Sweeter treats include raw food super fudge and the mouth-watering chocolate sauce sweetened with agave – perfect over a bowl of fresh fruit! Their fantastic gift boxes are the ideal way to send some birthday wishes or warm greetings – who wouldn’t love a box of tasty and healthy treats?


All of the products are nut, coconut and fruit based, so the ingredients come from all over the world. As Samantha says, “we really care about each ingredient that goes into our products. We have a lot of control over the quality of our product as everything is made in-house.” The company communicates directly with its suppliers to learn the stories behind the nuts, fruits, oils and sweeteners. “A dream of mine would be to connect with a local farm that can provide us with our ingredients,” Samantha says.

Sharing a love of healthy food and wellness with Ian, Samantha has always been dedicated to and passionate about conscious living and “looking for natural ways to take care of herself.” After experimenting with a strictly raw diet for a long time, she realized the benefits of running her body on pure foods that are full of nutrition and energy.

emmys organics founders

Samantha and Ian initially worked in Ian’s mother’s (Emmy’s) kitchen, selling their macaroons and other culinary creations at farmer’s markets and small local stores. Soon after the treats began appearing in Whole Foods Markets across the East Coast and by 2010 the company had grown large enough that a move to a manufacturing facility in Ithaca. Emmy’s Organics is now available in stores on both coastlines and nationwide online.

Samantha and Ian’s efforts and success were recognized in 2012 when Miss Abrams was invited to the White House for President Obama’s signing of the JOBS Act. “It was one of those experiences that I’ll never forget and I felt so supported as a small business owner” Samantha says. As a young woman with a successful and consciously-driven venture, Samantha truly is an example of the potential for creating sustainable solutions that actually benefit customers and create strong community influences. “What inspires me is making an impact on people. We hope that when people pick up our products they experience the benefits of them and also realize the simplicity of the ingredients, the integrity of our values and how sustainably we operate our company. We hope that through that we can inspire people to make better choices, whether it’s with their diet or their environmental impact or any type of lifestyle choice.”

youth farm emmys organics

In honor of Earth Day, the company is donating 15 percent of all April proceeds to the Youth Farm Project in Ithaca. The project provides teens ages 14-18 with the opportunity to learn about growing food for their community, preparing that food and working together to achieve their goals. Take advantage of a 10 percent discount on all Emmy’s Organics items for the rest of the month by using the code YOUTHFARM when checking out online!

Images: Emmy’s Organics