EO Products Turns 20: Co-Founder Susan Griffin-Black Dishes on Personal Care, Essential Oils, and Running a Business

EO Products Turns 20: An Interview With Co-Founder Susan Griffin-Black

EO turns 20 this month and we’d like to help them celebrate! You may know them by the fabulous eco-friendly hand sanitizer that is a staple of their line. Learn more about EO in this interview with co-founder and co-CEO, Susan Griffin-Black.

1995 was the dark ages of modern natural personal care. Sure, many people were making clean products. But doing it right and sticking with it for the long haul? Pretty rare. So when we see a natural product creator that is still in the biz two decades later, and with a stellar product line to boot, we have to tell you about it.

In case you don’t already know, EO is a plant-based personal care line with an emphasis on essential oils. Yes, the hand sanitizer is the bomb. But the EO product line up includes items for face, body, and hair too.

Want to know more? Thought so. Read on for all the juicy deets in this interview with EO co-founder and co-CEO, Susan Griffin-Black.

An Interview with EO Products Susan Griffin-Black

Liz Thompson: Happy Anniversary! So, you started EO 20 years ago. What was the catalyst behind creating a line of clean products?

Susan Griffith-Black: Thank you! It’s been 20 wonderful years. My business partner Brad and I started EO for a few reasons; the first is we wanted to make healthy, safe products for our family and friends. Additionally, we wanted to live an integrated life and be able to be present for ourselves, kids and family – so we set up shop just minutes from where we lived.

I was passionate about the energy and vitality of essential oils, making wholesome and beautiful products and Brad was a great guerrilla marketer who could figure out the manufacturing process. Our combined strengths have made EO what it is today.

LT: How do you use essential oils in your products? Which are your favorites?

SGB: I have a natural affinity and deep connection with essential oils, and I’ve been working with them for years. Essential oils not only smell beautiful, they have a powerful influence on mind and body, and they enable us to appreciate the inner-connectedness of our world. A few of my favorites are: rose absolute, rose geranium, jasmine, sweet orange and lemon myrtle.

LT: Can you please share a bit about the evolution of EO over the past two decades?

SGB: We’ve grown and learned a lot along the way. We now have two brands, EO and Everyone by EO, and we’re nearing 100 employees which is amazing considering Brad and I started this company in our garage with just the two of us. As we’ve grown we’ve learned to appreciate the challenges of scaling a business and the purpose for doing so. Intentional growth with a purpose has always been our guide.

LT: What is your ingredient commitment?

SGB: We have an essential ingredient charter, the first being that everything we do is rooted in the benefits of essential oils and the plant based ingredients that work to enhance and support them. We also manufacture in-house in our own certified organic facility, something that allows us complete control and transparency into how our products are made, by whom, and with what ingredients.

Additionally we choose to use certified organic or non-GMO ingredients, and our products are certified cruelty-free, gluten-free, and are packaged in PCR materials. In addition we’re a certified B Corp, meaning we put equal value on people, the planet and purpose, as we do on profits.

LT: What types of products do you create?

SGB: We have more than 250 different products between our two brands! We’re most well known for our French Lavender products, including our natural and organic hand sanitizer. We also have a wonderful new Skin Care Line that launched earlier this year.

LT: What can we expect to see in EO’s future?

SGB: We are evolving into a lifestyle company with 2 distinct brands. We are focused on creating innovative, wholesome and beautiful products that enhance the quality of daily life for ourselves, each other and our community of customers.

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