Ethnic Prints = Urban Tribe


Warm weather begs for bright colors and statement prints. The tribal trend is going strong and offers exotic intrigue in any setting – this is the trend where print on print thrives! So, take a bold pattern print top like the zebra half topper from Mociun and pair it with an equally attention seeking bottom. Short minis, loud leggings or pleated skirts should do the trick, or opt for a cut-out detail dress from LA based designer Brigid Catiis.

And as you take your layers off for warmer temps keep the accessories piled on! An all organic fedora in teal and a multi-color accented oversized handbag are the perfect accomplices to complete the urban tribal look. Even subtle details like the print on the heeled sandal by Stella McCartney create interest and make any outfit a bit more playful. Don a urban ethnic piece and be prepared to join the tribe!

This is the second installment in new fashion writer Greta Eagan’s column, Trending, on seasonal fashion trends and how to green them up. Say hi to Greta!