EcoEtsy Favorites: Creatively Recycled Clocks


Every time I browse EcoEtsy to see what our favorite artists are up to, I’m reminded that their resourcefulness knows no end. In the minds of these creative individuals, a clock can be much more than just a face, hands and numbers. Made from the most cleverly recycled materials, the unique timepieces below are functionally funky works of art.

When was the last time you actually played that backgammon set buried deep in your closet? As it turns out, this dusty old game’s geometric shapes and contrasting colors make the Board Game clock a fun accent for modern interiors.


You can continue your board game collection with the Candy Land Time lunchpail clock from Imotime. Sweetly vintage!


A temporary brain drain caused me to recycle my newspaper on the fifth of November like it was any other day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Thanks to Makin Time, I can still have a keepsake from this monumental moment in history: the Obama Headline clock (shown at top).