Etsy Seller Creates Planters Out of Reclaimed Shoes


I’ve had it with teetering around on dangerously tall shoes, squeezing my feet into items that are eerily reminiscent of Medieval torture devices, and dragging my sorry soles back to my apartment after a night out with the girls. I’ll settle for semi-cute, but uber-comfy footwear any day of the week.

But I love the dominatrix stiletto-turned-planter pictured above. It lets me admire a fabulous pair of shoes without the blisters or back pain. Carrie Bradshaw would be proud! (OK, she might be initially horrified about the brutal mutilation of her Manolos, but I think she’d come around.)

If I were craftier, I’d totally turn my torturous footwear into a flower holder.  But I doubt could do as nice a job as Etsy’s giddyspinster. She removed the top of the shoe, sanded it, drilled holes for drainage (natch), and planted a pink a echeveria in the ball of the shoe.
If black isn’t your thing, she has planters available in several other styles and colors.

Now, isn’t this a clever way to reclaim a pair of heels? Or repurpose a single shoe that’s lost its mate? What other uses would you suggest for upcycling shoes?