Exit Stirrups. Enter Lounge Chic.


Remember when leggings first came into vogue? I might be dating myself, but I even remember when they were sold with stirrups. What  a gift that was for gals who hated being confined in structured, fitted pants. Oy.

Well, the stirrups are gone and stretchy workout wear is totally acceptable as urban street wear, replacing the little tennis outfit for what we wear at the organic grocery store or to pick up the chemical-free dry cleaning. Thank goodness shops like the new Clary Sage Organics in San Francisco gives us chic options for green apparel. Exit stirrups. Enter chic active drawstring pants with contrasting welts.

Opened in July, the shop on trendy Fillmore Street is visually beautiful and inviting, showcasing stunning knit sweaters, Prairie Underground jackets, and an active yoga wear line designed exclusively by the store’s co-founder, Patti Cazzato. 

“With thousands of consumers passing through Fillmore Street each year, the store will be a shopping haven for people looking for organic brands from Northern California,” she says, adding that her goal is to establish a business model that will help sustain our natural environment.

I purchased a soft and fluid brown cotton shawl jacket there prior to my trip to Europe and wore it constantly. I’m extremely particular about the feel of fabric on my skin and was thrilled to find another Bay Area source for stylish organic separates. The shop also sells lingerie and clothing by Linda Loudermilk, Loomstate, Del Forte, Eco Centric and Stewart + Brown.

In addition to the boutique, Clary Sage runs a holistic wellness center with diet programs and restorative treatments, operated by co-founder Dr. Daniel Kalish.

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.