Experience, Educate, Advocate: The Yoga Beauty Bar at Estes Park, Colorado

EcoSalon co-hosts the Yoga Beauty Bar in Estes Park, Colorado.

Last weekend, EcoSalon traveled through field and mountain to co-host the Yoga Beauty Bar in Estes Park, Colorado. Part of the 16th Annual Yoga Journal Conference, a seven-day event of 35-plus master teachers sharing their practice, the YBB featured some of the best lines of clean, green beauty, including Buddha Nose Body Care, Dr. Alkaitis Skincare, Lotus Wei Flower Essences, Priti Nails, Yarok Organic Hair Care, Revolution Organics, and Trance Essence. Runa Tea and Wei of Chocolate also made an appearance, as well as healthy travel experts Pravassa.

Together with Amy Galper of Buddha Nose, Linden Schaffer of Pravassa, and Sarah Braat, LMT and Qigong Healer, we offered up an incredible experience of green beauty to the yogis of Colorado. And guess what? It was amazing.

Amy Galper of Buddha Nose (front right) talks product with a patron

“The only power we really have to make change is how we spend our money,” Buddha Nose proprietor and co-host Amy Galper told me, “But the Yoga Beauty Bar is not just about selling product. We want people to experience the brands.” Between misting clients with her famous Heart Spray, a delicate floral mist with the mind/body intention of love, Amy enthusiastically shared her vision. “Once we have information about a healthy product, we can advocate for healthier living for ourselves and for the planet.”

A patron checks out product

And the patrons of the Yoga Beauty Bar responded in droves. Patrons perused the hip shades from Priti Nails and pure cosmetics from Revolution Organics. They sampled the fragrance scents from Trance Essences Perfumes and Candles while sipping Runa Teas and nibbling on the delicious, floral-infused organic chocolates from Wei of Chocolate. (My favorite? The citrus-inspired “Joyful.”) Patrons delighted in the Lotus Wei Flower Essence’s elixirs and mists and lathered up with Dr. Alkaitis skin care moisturizers.

At the same time, Linden Schaffer shared Pravassa Travel, her New York-based wellness company that plans healthy vacations around the globe, such as Aruba, Bali, Vermont and Italy. Pravassa focuses on an aspect of health and wellness like cooking, body work, nutrition, pilates or yoga. Vacationers are able to refocus their thinking and restore their every day well being.

Linden Schaffer (left) of Pravassa 

All the while, LMT Sarah Braat worked on yogis who were eager for a massage or Quigong healing. Sarah, a nurturing soul who seems to make magic with her hands, is the founder of Sage Healing Arts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. You can find Sarah on Facebook. She also does remote energy work and is offering a 10% discount to all EcoSalon readers.

Sarah Braat performing energy healing

Truth be told? This entire experience made me a healthier person.

As the green beauty guru for EcoSalon, I traveled to spend my time discussing green beauty to the interested yogis of the conference. I arrived much like an extra from the movie “Contagion,” staring down the barrel of one hell of a bad cold. Fortunately, I had the luck of entering into the nurturing and restorative sphere of Buddha Nose and Amy Galper’s line of USDA Organic body care products. “I have just the thing for you,” Amy offered after taking one look at my sallow face. She dosed me in her I-Booster Spray, an anti-bacterial concoction made with stimulating essential oils of Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon and Ravintsara.

Hair treatments courtesy of Yarok Hair Care at our party

Later that evening was the EcoSalon-YBB sponsored party, where yogis crowded into our Estes Park cabin to commune over green beauty. Lucky revelers, including myself, got to partake in various masks from Dr. Alkaitis and serums for Yarok Hair Care. The next day, I felt like a new woman as my cold symptoms were significantly reduced.

Facial by Dr. Alkaitis

It makes perfect sense. Our bodies take in 60% of the ingredients we put on our skin – so what better way to restore your health than to feed it with some of the purest ingredients on the market?

Amy informs me that future Yoga Beauty Bars are in the works – in fact, she plans to expand them across the nation at various events. “We have a real passion to educate people about clean, green product,” she says. Lucky for this EcoSalonista, her passion may also help hinder colds.

To see more behind the scenes Yoga Beauty Bar action, watch our video:


Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.