#ExpressYourSelfie Photo Contest ($1000 Value!)

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Who doesn’t love a selfie? Whatever your mood, you can express yourself all at an arm’s length. And now you can win a $1000 photo contest just by showing off your selfie. Yes, that’s considered a word now.

Selfies have single handedly changed our culture–showing all aspects of social interaction, humor, body language, self-awareness, and privacy–it’s the self portrait of our age. Only you don’t have to pay a small fortune to get it done. All you need is a smartphone and a good angle.

And what better way to celebrate the selfie than with a photo contest? Attitude is everything–all the more reason to enter exacly.me’s #ExpressYourSelfie photo contest with the opportunity to win $1000 to purchase whatever you want. Maybe you crave a new iPad Air or that perfect pair of Cri de Coeur shoes or a Fujifilm digital camera.

How do you enter exacly.me’s #ExpressYourSelfie photo contest?

Visit exacly.me via the web or mobile and connect with Facebook to upload a photo from an album that expresses your unique spirit with a one or two word description: “Fashion is me”, “Photography is me”, “Vegan is me”, etc.

What do you win?

The selfie with the most Facebook likes wins $1,000, the second place winner receives $500, and the third place wins $250. That’s some serious cash for a five second selfie.

When’s the deadline?

The party ends on August 15, 2014, so what are you waiting for? Upload your favorite Facebook pic today. You can’t win if you don’t enter. Don’t be shy, #ExpressYourSelfie!

What is exacly.me?

It’s the world’s first opinion app.  Swipe-select through photos, videos and images to get killer recommendations as unique as you.

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Image: Paško Tomić