Ecosalon Recipes: Eye Candy for Gourmet Foodies


For those of you who are culinary artists (and I’m quick to admit that I’m not one of them), feast your eyes on this: the G Living Network’s entire section devoted to the “Organic Gourmet Food Lifestyle” including featured chefs, videos, recipes and articles.

Maybe you’re thinking “So what. There are websites like that everywhere.” But trust me, this one is gorgeous and totally geared to the epicurean fanatic with an exquisite sense of style. I went straight to an article by Sarma Melngailis (you know, that raw Goddess who’s got the glow) about her obsession with Dunkin’ Donuts (and no, it’s not a glowing review!). I also drooled over a recipe for a raw beetroot ravioli stuffed with cashew-chive bourson cheese and sprinkled with green garlic oil and aged balsamic.

Now, I’m an impatient, artless ogre in the kitchen, so I won’t even make the attempt, but are there any readers out there willing to whip up such a tasty delight and invite this hungry writer over for dinner?