Sustainably Pretty Lingerie? Yes, Please

The wonderful thing about pretty lingerie is that even though most people don’t see it, we know it’s there. Underneath our daily suits of armor there’s a softness that can’t help but make us feel sexy.

Boss undermining us? Sexy.

Car needs $1200 in repairs? Sexy.

Ex boyfriend just walked into the coffee shop with his new girlfriend? Sexy.

You get the point.

Cache Coeur Bra and Panties, bra, $45, hipster panties, $29

Thankfully, Faeries Dance, a sustainable shopping site filled to the brim with organic intimates has provided us with all the pretty choices we’ll need to get through all those rough patches. Although they have several clothing categories, I immediately gravitated to the lingerie trimmed in lace and made out of organic cotton fabrics that urges one to choreograph her own show stopping number, Aguilera “Burlesque” style.

Faeries Dance has their assortment right, with an eye on the stylish woman who desires those playful undergarments but is more than likely guided by the principle that her beauty is most evident when she’s comfortable. (Because how can you feel sexy when you’re uncomfortable?) The mission is fitting, as well; all  Faeries Dance products are consciously, thoughtfully sourced and made.

Polka Dot Padded Push-Up Bra, $50

All of the intimate separates featured on the site are sure to hold you together in organic loveliness – or just make you feel ready for action should the world want to rock you in ways you were not prepared for. Feeling sexy isn’t about who sees you, after all – it’s about how you feel.

Lingerie Wash Bag, 3-pack, $27 or $10 each

Don’t forget the essentials for keeping your sustainable collection looking beautiful for years to come: a gentle organic wash and of course, wash bags. They really do make all the difference in maintaining the shape and fabric of your pieces, and they’re so inexpensive I’m amazed more people don’t remember to use lingerie wash bags. This version is a sustainable exclusive from Faeries Dance, and a great deal, too.

P.S. The lusciously cozy Rosalba nightgown at top is just $59.

Images: Faeries Dance

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Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.