Fashion 2010 Preview: Designers Unveil Fresh Looks for Fall


The fall shows are over and though we won’t see those collections in stores until the end of summer, we still need to start busying ourselves with the tasks at hand.

As eco-fashionistas looking to reuse and recycle to maximize our wardrobe’s potential, now is the time to get a jump start on incorporating the trends that will flatter an independent sense of style.

Designs shown at this year’s Green Shows prove producing clothes sustainably and ethically is no longer a style compromise for contemporary eco-designers. But, with the economy seemingly teetering on a pair of cheaply-produced heels, be extra-discerning with your remaining clothing budget. Thanks to vintage, thrift and consignment stores, rounding out your eco-designs with a few second-hand finds is a thrifty and environmentally sound solution.

Happily, the 2010 trends lend themselves beautifully to the creative urban rummager. Ranging from menswear for women to layers and decorative patchwork (yes patchwork) here are some of next seasons most easy-to-green trends:


Marc Jacobs fall 2010, Courtesy of Elle

Menswear: Borrowing from the boys has been an enduring theme. Beyond the vest, the boyfriend jacket is still a strong option because it so effectively pulls together a diaphanous spring look when slung over the top. While in the menswear section, keep your eyes open for a velvet dinner jacket. Fall’s velvet crush is most flattering as a tailored piece but the fabric is really everywhere.


Mothlove, fall 2010

Layering: Working equally well Spring or Fall, were a profusion of looks anchored by the presence of tissue-thin knit turtlenecks. You can utilize this layering piece to take existing items from the specific to the seasonless. Create a neutral background you can contrast with the pop of a colorful, revealing, or avant-garde piece on top.

This look played out with many designers showing dresses over trousers and, more daringly, socks with sandals. While a great excuse to unbox last years summer shoes early, it requires paying close attention to the subtleties; ensure sandals are chunkier than the socks. For the most leg lengthening effect, wear nude colored socks. Alternately, replicate the rock and roll effect of the bootie trend by matching socks with the color of the shoe.

Trenches Reworked: In uncertain times we often look to the classics for reassurance. This take on the trench has a decided twist though. Appearing cropped and swingy at the waist, reworked as vests, or simply cinched with a contrasting dress belt, there are many options for remaking a cast-off trench coat. For the uninitiated sewer, your tailor can help.

Chloe fall 2010, courtesy of Elle

Patchwork: A rustic look that’s not for the sartorially faint-hearted! Just ask the Partridge Family! Patchwork, as a decorative motif, has returned in outerwear and across denim lines. If you’ve ever fancied yourself beginning a sewing project, this is the season to get out the bag of scraps.

Of course, the point here is fashion is meant to be fun! If all this is starting to sound like hard work, don’t worry. One catwalk trend is low effort and entirely democratic; apply a swash of vibrant red lipstick and sport it like the models, with minimal make-up. Try a natural, paraban-free variety such as RMS beauty’s Lip2Cheek: Rapture or Josie Maran’s sheer-red shade, Devious. Both in recyclable packaging no less!

Top photo Burberry fall 2010, courtesy of Elle

Rowena Ritchie

Rowena is EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Editor and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.