Faux Taxidermy is a Thing: Would You Hang This on Your Wall?

Faux Taxidermy is a Thing. Would You Hang This On Your Wall?

With plaster antlers and synthetic animal hide adorning eco homes everywhere, why not faux taxidermy? If you like the rustic look but aren’t feeling a real head on your wall, the faux mount may be right up your alley.

You know taxidermy, the art of mounting stuffed animal heads on a wall. Yes, it is an art. Not for everyone and many may even feel it’s a little creepy. But as the daughter of a talented and ethical taxidermist I can tell you, however you feel about it, there are those who are good at taxidermy and those who are … well … not.

There is the straightforward, hunter-esque sort of taxidermy. There is a bit edgier side to taxidermy, as well. Something for everyone?


If you are a home décor fanatic, you may be attracted to certain trends that are less than eco. Antlers, hides and skins are a big deal right now in interiors. They look cool. But do you feel okay about having animal parts tossed (however tastefully) around your home?

There is salvation for those of us looking to get in on the latest without the an-animal-lost-his-life guilt. Sub in plaster or ceramic antlers for the real thing. I love my fake sheepskin throws. You can even buy authentic looking faux animal hides to use as rugs.

Now for that head you’ve been longing to hang on your den wall? Enter, faux taxidermy. “Animal heads” made from metal, cardboard, wood, fiberglass…you kind of have options, here.

Ok, so most of us are not exactly lusting after a wall mounted head, faux or not. Safe to say, it is most likely something we can live without. And like traditional taxidermy, there is both good and weird stuff out there.

Now take a look at Mbare’s Recycled Metal Wall Art. These pieces are not only pretty and super unique, but made in Zimbabwe from recycled car tin.

Mbare’s Recycled Metal Wall Art

One of a kind wildebeest, kudu, or springbok to adorn your living room? Pretty cool. Daniel, the man who makes these works of art, learned the craft from his father and now supports his own family with the business. Each piece sells for $58.

Has your idea of taxidermy changed? Can you see yourself purchasing a piece of faux taxidermy? A colorful water buffalo would look mighty nice sidled up against your artificial zebra print rug.

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