Feel These Woolly Fibers

Felt – wool fibers finessed into a supple material to grace your furnishings. Here are a couple of accessories to welcome into your space.

Ferm Living offers this colorful felt pillow with humorous and vibrant tufts (it also comes in blue); lean it in the corner of your couch, let it rest on your favorite chair, embellish your bed, or add a little cushion beneath your derriere next time you lounge on the floor. (Don’t miss this charming yellow knit floor cushion either!)

When you need a place to rest your eggnog or absorb the sloshes from your cranberry martini, utilize these felt coasters from Parkhaus (they make a bevy of alluring felted objects). With a slew of saturated color choices to mark your liquids, you’ll never confuse your apple cider for his whiskey. These gorgeous felt coasters are available here for a bargain price of $4 each (plus, you can soak up a little history about felt while you purchase these beauties).