Fiji’s Bottled Water Wars

fiji bottles

Like a water fight in an online school cafeteria, Fiji Water and Mother Jones Magazine have begun a volley of facts and fascinating accusations back and forth at each.

What’s the deal with these water wars, you ask? As Mother Jones’ muckraking Anna Lenzer debunks Fiji Water’s self-proclaimed “green” status, Fiji Water continues to toot its carbon-footprint-minimizing horn.

If you can get around the idea that shipping water halfway around the world in plastic bottles is somehow green, then you might be interested in Fiji Water’s carbon offset program and their path towards “carbon negativity” in the near future.

But Lenzer’s article points out the truly disturbing fact that Fiji’s pristine aquifer has been tapped and rather expensively sold to upscale American clientele while the Fijian people themselves have little access to clean water and must buy it bottled, at nearly the same price Paris Hilton pays for it.

Will all this mudslinging sully Fiji Water’s image, or is their for-profit cause worthy enough – via positive social investments – to prove that they’re actually doing the country of Fiji some good, and that they’re even a truly green company? The claims of both sides are being blogged for all the world to see.

I understand the desire to drink pure and pristine water – what with the hazards of prescription drugs coming through the tap and all – but buying it in bottles is not the cleanest way to go. Our resources may be better spent ensuring our own local water supplies are kept flowing and pollution-free.

Image: lashopaholic