Finally, a Mathematical Concept We Love


I’ll be the first to admit that high school physics and math were not my best subjects. Though sine, cosine, and tangent frustrated me endlessly, I’ve since made peace with these tricky trigonometric functions.

Exhibit A: this sine table by Maçek Furniture. The Austin-based company makes heirloom-quality furniture using lumber from certified sustainable sources and low-VOC finishes.

Here’s a simple mathematical equation that sums it the concept: cypress lumber plus steel plus stainless steel equals an irresistibly stylish and modern entry table inspired by sine waves. Or if sine and cosine aren’t your thing, the table might make you think of a gently flowing stream or part of a hand-woven basket. I love how the different shades of wood work together with the steel poles to create an industrial-meets-natural vibe.

Physicist or fashionista, this is one table we can all appreciate. Class dismissed!