Find an Artisan to Customize Your Dream Furniture


Sometimes we envision the perfect wall sconce, chair, or bookshelf that will tie a room together just so, but actually finding it can be an uphill battle. Custom Made, an online marketplace for artisans of handmade furniture and home goods, is a great place to look for someone to bring your decorating ideas to life.

Search the site by geographical location or type of furniture you’re looking for (custom cabinetry, handmade lamps, hand-carved signs, and more). Then check out the galleries of various artisans and contact them directly to discuss your individual needs.

Custom Made is filled with portfolios from people who make everything from standard fare like chairs and mirrors, to exotic humidors and custom clocks. You’ll find plenty of furniture made from bamboo and eco-friendly FSC-certified wood. For example, check out this nightstand from Denver-based Tilde Design Studio. Made of Cherry wood and coated in a non-toxic finish, it sports two handled drawers and a secret compartment behind the front-facing apron. Elegant and discreet at the same time? Love it!


If you’re an artisan, you might want to look into having your work featured on Custom Made. There’s a small monthly fee to join, but then you can post pictures of your work and let customers find you. Although Custom Made is a lot like the popular online marketplace Etsy, its main focus is connecting customers and artisans for customized pieces, not selling pre-made work in a retail environment.

Custom Made is a real gem of a website. The next time you see a home furnishing you can’t live without but know it hasn’t been created in an ecologically-responsible manner, hit up an artisan on the site and see if she can whip up something similar for you.