Find Happiness in Plants: A Recent Garden Center Visit

Garden Center Flowers

The slogan for the gardening center in my neighborhood called Flowercraft is, “We Sell Happiness.” Too true. As springtime is now in full swing, I find myself at the nearby gardening center on a weekly basis. I feel my spirits lift from the moment I walk into the bounty of plants, a feeling then carried on through the day while watching my “little babies” grow at home. What is it about growing plants that is so exciting?

Garden Center Vegetables

Whatever it is, it’s exciting enough that anytime I happen by a garden nursery I have to pull over to check it out. I recently unexpectedly found myself at the Berkeley Horticultural Nursery. I was so completely mesmerized that my partner looked at me with near-concern when I didn’t answer his question in my glassy-eyed state, “What do we need again?” As my dad used to joke when we guiltily ordered a third donut at the bakery growing up, “What does need have to do with it?”

Potted Plants, Lettuce, Arugula, Alyssum and Cilantro

The selection at any nursery these days is copious, as it’s high planting season. The number of options can be a little daunting. I highly recommend planting a few flowers in and amongst your vegetables and herbs to create a varied, living environment. Current favorite accents: Alysum, Cosmos and Lobelia. Happy planting!

Alyssum, Cosmos, Lobelia Flowers

Images: JannK, ddsnet, LadyLoneRanger