Find the Perfect Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Top picks for a green yoga session. 

You know that moment in class when you really start to flow – the breath is in rhythm and the heat turns up, you chattarunga to updog and back to downdog, but there is no grip, and you slip through the rest of the flow. Sigh. That’s why we gave three yoga mats the “sweat test” with grip and comfort ratings, as well as fun features to see which one truly allows you to stick to your practice.

Find your perfect MATch:

The Jaded Yogi

The Jade Mat, known as Nature’s Best Yoga Mat, is made sustainably of eco-friendly, all-natural open-cell rubber tapped from a rubber tree, containing zero PVC or any synthetic rubbers. The mat is lightweight and the surface acts like a sponge and soaks up sweat.

Fun Features: Jade Mats are made in the USA and for every mat purchased, Jade will plant a tree. Jade is the perfect match for the eco-friendly yogi.

Win one during National Yoga Month.

Light as a Feather

Manduka’s eKO Mat combines sustainability and durability. The mat utilizes a natural closed-cell rubber which blocks moisture and bacteria absorption. The eKO Lite comes in bright fun colors and is super light-weight, so it’s ideal for the traveling yogi.

Fun Features: Biodegradable without leaving a toxic residue. No footprint in landfills here – another great option for the yogis passionate about our planet.

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Image: KimManleyOrt