5 Bottle Designs We Love

Typically, food and drinks packaged in environmentally sound containers are great for green, but lack visual appeal. Then there’s the lowly plastic water bottle: so willing to be refilled, but so, well, ugly. Thanks to these innovative beverage packaging designs, eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean extra frumpy.

360 Paper Bottle


We can’t tell what’s cooler about this bottle: the neat detachable cap, the clever design, or the fact that it’s made from 100 percent renewable resources and fully recyclable. The company says it can stand up to any kind of liquid, so imagine the possibilities. Tea, organic juice, soy milk – these bad boys can be used to package all kinds of beverages. They’re also designed to be sold in six or 16 count packages, so they’re perfect for keeping water on hand in disaster kits or in the fridge for those grab-something-and-run hectic mornings.

Volute Wine Bottles


We’re not wine snobs, but we do love, love, love sipping a good Bordeaux from a pretty single serve bottle. Volute amps up the class factor with their gorgeous line of wine bottles made from 100 percent recyclable aluminum. At around $4 each, they won’t break the bank and they add a touch more luxury to a long soak in the tub with a good book. Sure, you can open a full size bottle the next time you want a little tipple, but if you don’t drink it all you’ll be pouring grapey goodness down the drain.

Andrew Kim’s Coke Bottle Redesign


If sneaking a soda now and then is your guilty pleasure, you’ll at least look like a million buck swigging from this fancy Coke bottle redesign concept. Chucking the curvy bottle we all know and love, Kim went with a square shape for better stacking on store shelves. The bottom has a recessed area to accommodate the cap from the bottle underneath. And when you’re done drinking, the bottle’s built-in ribbing lets you quickly collapse it before chucking it into the nearest recycling bin. Shrinking the bottle size before disposal means less space is taken up in the recycling truck – just another thing you can feel good about while indulging in a tall, cold one.

1800 Tequila


Yeah, so we’re circling back to the booze again. What can we say, we like a good cocktail, especially a frosty margarita or cool mojito from 1800 Tequila poured from eco-friendly containers. Each pre-made beverage mix package is chillable, lightweight, and crunchable when empty so you can flatten it before it hits your recycling bin.

Vapur Reusable Flexible Water Bottle


Speaking of crushable, Ampac Packaging company has developed a water bottle that you can smash flat to stash in a purse or gym bag, then perks back to life when you fill it with water. It holds up to 16 oz. of liquid and rolls up to the size of a compact mirror. The BPA-free co-polyester bottles come in a set of four and can be cleaned in the dishwasher between uses.