Floral Arranging Made Easy as Peonies with a New Resource

nging with Jane Packer.

Ever visited fancy homes on a home and garden tour or poured over magazines and Pinterest for hours looking at gorgeous flower arrangements with envy in your heart and a desire to learn floral arranging?

Of course, you have, but now there is hope for you (and me). There’s a new book available that makes flower arranging more approachable for us mere mortals. “Jane Packer’s Flower Course: Easy Techniques for Fabulous Flower Arranging,” written by celebrated florist Jane Packer, presents Packer’s highly regarded four-week course taught at her flower school–but in book form. The book lays out her wealth of experience and celebrated designs and puts them within reach of everyday flower enthusiasts.

Jane Packer is one of Britain’s foremost floral artists. She established Jane Packer Flowers in 1982, and in 1990 opened her first flower school in London. In 2004, Jane launched janepackerdelivered.com, delivering her trademark arrangements nationwide. She has outlets in London, New York, Seoul, Tokyo and Kuwait City.  Her clients include boutique hotels, film companies, designer stores, and devoted private clients. And now, you can fashion your own Packer-inspired floral arrangements.

Floral Arranging with Jane Packer.

This guide is broken down into three sections covering arrangements intended to be given as gifts, floral arranging and decorating for the home, and arrangements for celebrations including weddings.

And lest you think this book is just a visual smorgasbord of delicious floral designs, think again. While there are plenty of stunning photos in the book, the emphasis is actually on the practical how-to. The glorious photographs of the finished arrangements are accompanied by step-by-step photographs and super-easy-to-follow instructions. There is even a beginning overview of the tools and supplies that you will need for floral arranging, as well as a section on buying flowers and on conditioning and reviving flowers.

nging with Jane Packer.Projects range from the more rustic, like hyacinths and anemones in a bag, to the more modern, like a modern pedestal arrangement with sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and cabbage heads.

Believe me when I tell you that the book distils Packer’s floral expertise and style into one essential resource that imparts all the secrets of creating beautiful floral designs. It is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to do their own floral arranging.

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Images from “Jane Packer’s Flower Course: Easy techniques for fabulous flower arranging” from Ryland Peters & Small publishers and photographed by Paul Massey


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