10 Green Wine and Food Pairings, Plus 5 Do’s and Don’ts

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Red with meat, white with chicken and fish? It’s not that simple or limiting anymore when it comes to pairing wine and food.

Sure, there’s lot to consider when it comes to selecting the best wine to complement your food: Weight, texture, acidity, flavor, the flavor’s intensity. After some research and experimenting, I came up with some yummy pairings as a quick reference guide.

cab and lamb

PhotobucketCabernet Sauvignon and Lamb
The fats and protein in lamb neutralize the tannins in Cabernet Sauvignon to bring out its fruity taste. Try the Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon from Mad Wine with this delectable grilled leg of lamb recipe from Epicurious.


Roast Chicken
PhotobucketChardonnay and Roasted Chicken
This full-flavored, complex wine complements the taste of roasted chicken. Pair the Sterling Organic Chardonnay from Wine.com with this roast chicken recipe from Epicurious.



PhotobucketChianti and Lasagna
This wine’s bright acidity pairs well with the acidity of the tomato sauce in lasagna. Check out this eco-friendly vegetable lasagna recipe from Organic Food, and pair it with the Casina di Cornia Chianti Classico from the Organic Wine Company.



PhotobucketMerlot and Mushrooms
Soft and velvety, Merlot is less tannic than wines like Cabernet and goes well with milder mushroom dishes. This wild mushroom ravioli recipe from Recipe Zaar complements the taste of the Candoni Organic Merlot from Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars.

Chablis Brocard 2006

PhotobucketChablis and Oysters
Made from grapes grown in limestone-rich soil, the full flavor of Chablis is a great match for the salty, creamy taste of oysters. This oyster stew recipe from Organic Valley is the perfect match for the Brocard Chablis Organic from O’Brien’s Wine.


PhotobucketPinot Noir and Salmon
This medium-bodied wine enhances the distinct flavor of salmon. The Frey Vineyards Organic Pinot Noir from Ancona’s Wines and Liquors and this seared wild salmon recipe from Epicurious go especially well together.

Port-1dark chocolate
PhotobucketPort and Dark Chocolate
The bitterness of dark chocolate tames the tannins in Port. Pair this fair trade, organic smooth dark chocolate from the Chocolate Bar with the Casal dos Jordoes Organic Port from the Organic Wine Company.


PhotobucketAmarone and Parmigiano Reggiano
This bold, elegant red wine and Parmigiano Reggiano are a tasty match. Just stay away from Kraft’s imitation version. This delicious parmigiano reggiano from Purely Organic complements the Ca La Bionda Amarone Ravazzol from Wine Access.


goat cheese
PhotobucketSauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese
This crisp, light, refreshing wine won’t overpower the creamy, pungent flavor of goat cheese. This trio of marinated goat cheese recipe from Epicurious and the Sterling Organic Sauvignon Blanc from Wine.com are a match made in heaven.



PhotobucketSauternes and Creme Brulee
Sauternes adds a hint of fruity flavor to this rich, creamy dessert. This mango creme brulee recipe from Epicurious brings out the hint of apricot in the Chateau La Garenne Sauternes.

Here are some general tips for pairing wine and food:
PhotobucketDo pair white wines and soft cheeses with strong flavor, and pair red wines and hard cheeses with mild flavor.
PhotobucketDon’t pair bold wines like Cabernet Sauvignon with mild dishes because they will overwhelm the food’s flavor.
PhotobucketDo pair light-bodied wines like Pinot Grigio with light-bodied foods and vice versa.
PhotobucketDon’t pair acidic wines like Chianti with rich cream-based sauces.
PhotobucketDo experiment with different pairings and let your taste buds decide which you enjoy most.

For more tips and suggestions: visit Food and Wine Pairing, Drink Wine and Wine Web Central.

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